The relationship between Spiritual and the Divine

Many of us have conflicting spiritual experiences, we don’t quite connect with our spiritual self. Some of us have no experience of your spiritual self. Please don’t confuse spirituality with God; the two are not the same although many people do use them interchangeably. Spirituality is the essence of your spirit which comes from Divine grace. The divine is a creative pulsating energy which we co-create, and it exists within us all.

Cosmic Heart Healing® will ultimately bring you closer to your spiritual self, whether or not you acknowledge it exists. We are not our ego or our thoughts we are so much more than that. Beyond this is an existence of a divine being, when are subconscious beliefs are out of whack with this true self we suffer from all sorts of emotional and physical angst.

Does Your Life flow?

Have you ever noticed in life that for some people life is so easy? They sail through life with no problems. A lot of you will have studied the law of attraction. No matter, how you study the law of attraction actually thinking about something is not going to make it happen. The law of attraction works when you understand it is energy. Everything in the universe is a mass odf constantly changing pulsating energy.

Embrace your vibrational spectrum with the knowledge that on the other side of the wave there is a feeling of joy you can dip in at any time. It is a feeling, and as such you have to feel it. It’s not something you can manifest by thought. When we try to manifest something in our life, we are thinking about it. You might not consciously understand energy yet everything you feel good or bad as a result of energy.

Can you separate thinking from feeling?

That depends whether you are talking about sensations such as hot and cold. Yes you feel them without thinking.

When you are talking about emotions you react to external circumstances normally.

You have to bask in the good feelings.  There will have been times in your life when you’ve been doing something and you have felt pure joy. It might be you went sailing and could feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. Life feels infinitely good and comfortable and you are totally at ease.

For some people that feeling comes from reading a book or listening to classical music.

You don’t have to spend the next hour wondering why you feel so at ease with the universe you just are. You don’t have to have that feeling  about sailing .Practice living in that joyful feeling. The more you practice being in the feeling the more you will be able to slip in and out of that feeling whenever you want to.


When we are thinking about it we are often doing so in a way that creates resistance.

This week someone said to me

“I am sick and tired of not having enough money”!

That statement is wrong on every level as far as the law of attraction goes. First of all although the subconscious recognizes negatives,  it can’t create from them.

So when you say not having enough money, the subconscious actually hears enough money. You are also saying you are sick and tired of enough money. Guess what that will bring into your life? Lack.

It will bring paucity and lack because that is what you’re thinking about. Why make it difficult relax and let it flow and happen. In a way, our own thoughts from our subconscious are creating a blockade.

When we are trying too hard, we are using a lot of effort. Weirdly being in touch with our spiritual self doesn’t require an effort it just requires us to slip into that feeling.

Everything in divine time. Nothing comes to us until we are ready to accept it and deal with it. If you really want to be part of that divine will it will come without thought and effort when you’re ready for it.

The Love method® and Cosmic Heart Healing®

The Love method® and Cosmic Heart Healing® allows you to acknowledge the desire to change, set the intention and let go of your ego. What will come, will come in its own time?

The universe has your best interests at heart. Whatever is in your best interest is already yours. Everything you desire is already yours if you release that desire to the universe. You align yourself to your highest good.

The Love method® and Cosmic Heart Healing®

When you change things with The Love method® and Cosmic Heart Healing® you ask permission from your superconscious first. Give up the thought to the universe. Trust the universe to deliver your highest good.
Trust your instinct and be faithful to your dream. Muscle testing never lies your body will tell you the truth.


Magic Time

When all our desires are aligned with our higher self we meet all our needs. We have become aligned with intuition and we have created a conscious channel to envisage what we want. You are the physical embodiment of source energy.

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance.” 

Steven Pressfield

Dr. David Hawkins

Every second of your life is, as it should be. Dr. David Hawkins makes the point in letting go that once you let go of judgment about anything you can accept the what is. You get closer to the truth by stripping your ego from how you think about things. Your authentic self sees things as they really are.
This brings a sense of contentment and peace. It makes it easier to open your heart to others. By letting go of limiting thoughts you bring expansiveness and space into your life. Regular meditation allows you to live in that space and that is where the magic happens.