What Is PSYCH K?

Psych-K is a very rapid easy fun way to change your belief system. It is a direct way to change your limiting beliefs, within your subconscious mind. Whether you are aware of it or not your subconscious mind produces 95% of thought. By changing these limiting beliefs you can develop a sense of peace in your life. It becomes easier you don’t have to battle with everything, suddenly you can achieve what you want with ease.

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is another word for applied kinesiology. In 1964 Dr. George J. Goodheart, a chiropractor was working on muscle supplements. He discovered something quite striking. When nutritional supplements were good for the body the muscles reacted with a strong electrical current. On the other hand, right across the board when something was bad for the body the muscles temporarily weakened. Today applied kinesiology is both a diagnostic tool and also a therapeutic tool.

Of course, it was quickly realised that this result had wider implications. It meant the body could discern when something was bad for it. In other words, ourselves had all the answers. Today we test statements according to the strength of the muscles.

Where do The Sessions Take Place

The majority of the sessions take place over Skype. However, you can arrange to see me in my treatment rooms in Margate Kent.

How does muscle testing work over Skype?

Proxy testing is muscle testing done by me for you. You can see the results visually over a video call. You may be wondering how I can muscle test for you? Using Psych-K techniques I can create an energetic connection so I can feel and are connected to your energy field.

Not only can I test your beliefs but I can also change them. It is impossible for energy fields or muscles to lie so you will get your answers even if you’re not physically in the same room.

What is energy healing?

To many of you, energy healing might seem a bit WOO WOO! Let me assure you I am one of the most grounded people you will ever meet.

Our energy system dictates our brain function and also how messages are transmitted from the brain to the muscles and nervous system. If you’ve never thought about it in these terms think of the use of EEG’s (to measure brain waves), EKG’s (to measure the electrical activity of the heart) these are two examples of how brainwaves are scientifically measured.

When the energy in our subtle system is blocked it can cause emotional symptoms. If we don’t deal with those warning signs then eventually we begin to experience physical pains as in disease or more accurately DIS EASE. Eventually, all our traumas, fears and anxieties will cause real physical symptoms. Rather than go to a doctor and treat those symptoms and ignore the cause, we can rebalance our energy system quickly and easily.

What is Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing is the process of healing your whole body. That means every aspect of your physical mental and energetic body. Having emotional challenges and feeling physically ill as a result of them are not necessarily your fault. To tackle these challenges and heal them is your responsibility if you want to feel completely whole.

In my experience, you need to trust your inner self or your inner wisdom or your intuition and your spirit together. They know who you are intimately and if you are prepared to listen they will heal you.

Do I need to know why I am stuck?

If you knew why you were stuck, you wouldn’t be stuck. Nearly everyone I see has no idea how why or where they are stuck. That is part of the process to find out and heal.

Do I have to Relive Old Traumas?

That is the beauty of Psych-K, you don’t even have to know there was a trauma. Obviously, most people do but you can change the way you feel about it without having to think about it at all. It is certainly not necessary to relive any painful memories.