Soul Blockage Clearance

May 25, 2018 |

What Is the Soul?

All matter is energy, continually vibrating energy. What we construct as a reality in our mind is also made up of energy patterns. Everything in the universe has its unique soul. The soul is the essential part of us, separate from our body. It is the part of us which survives after we leave  our mortal body.  It is the essence that guides us. The soul holds the key to our purpose throughout time and space. A Soul Blockage Clearance gets rid of all the old debris of negative memories.

The heart is the largest electromagnetic field in the body. Imprinted within this is our emotional information. We can change the encoded data in the electromagnetic field of the heart. All we have to do is become more positive, and this will raise our vibration.

When we feel gratitude, compassion and love and understanding, we radiate different emotions from when we are feeling petty and destructive. This attitude means that the most rewarding and beautiful things in the universe have to be felt rather than observed. This feeling is always heart led.

The soul holds the memory imprint of every single experience we have ever had, over a multitude of lifetimes. It holds onto both joy and terror and every other emotion in between.

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Payment For The Soul Blockage Treatment

Payments for face to face sessions may be made by cash, card, PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS). Payment for distant healing may be paid online, or alternatively by BACS. If you would like to make a payment by BACS please contact me by email and I will forward you my bank details.

If you would like to know more about energy healing and how it may help you, please contact me on 07841 899785 or internationally at +44 7841 899785 or on Skype my id is catherinefordlondon. All lower case and one word.

What is a soul blockage?

A soul blockage is the collection of all these memories impacted in our energy system. These past fears and terrors are plugging up our energy system.

No matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we work on ourselves and no matter what treatments we undergo without releasing this destructive plug any improvements are short-lived.

This plug in our energy system affects everything we do in life, but most importantly it separates us from our divine purpose. We can’t think straight because all of these negative feelings are caught up in our energy system.

We were co-created as a perfect being by source. If we can put our spiritual health back into the equation, then we will improve every aspect of our holistic health.

Releasing the soul blockage is quite literally pulling the plug out from a bathtub full of thick sludge. These soul blockages need to be released to let go of all the negativity that has built up over many lifetimes. Once we cleared the messy imprints from previous lives bound up in our energetic fields, then we improve our connection with our soul.

We were co-created as a perfect being by source. If we can put our spiritual health back into the equation, then we will improve every aspect of our holistic health.



Soul Clearance Releases These Energy Blockages

All of our current thought experiences are a result of those trapped emotions in the soul. We have all had traumatic and painful deaths, deaths which caused us to feel panic, acute anxiety, high levels of terror et cetera.

These terrifying emotions trapped in our cells need releasing. Not only do we carry our individual fears and terrors but we can also feel the combined terror of the ancestral lines of both our parents.

Health kinesiology accepts that we can muscle test and isolate beliefs that have been passed on to us. The fears can be passed osmotically from your mother before birth. These fears are not fears that your mother thought about but fears she held in her tissues.

These experiences all contribute to our thought patterns. So all of these fears are trapped within our energy system. They continuously repeat and trigger the same behavioral patterns. You would be right in assuming that not all of these behavioral patterns are benign some are downright destructive.

What happens after a Soul Blockage Clearance

For some the experience of having the Soul Blockage removed will be more profound than others, depending on how much healing work they have already done on themselves. The Soul Blockage clearance is like taking the plug soul of the bath. Some people have a bathtub full to the point of overflowing. Some splash about in a liter of water in the bottom, other people have their tub half full.

The amount of negativity to be cleared after the Soul Blockage clearance will depend on the lifetimes that people have experienced. How much trauma they have lived through and the amount of energy healing they have already done.

This soul blockage clearance can be done face-to-face. I personally prefer to do it distantly because it can take three hours. It is difficult for someone to stay still and quiet for that amount of time.A soul blockage is the collection of all these memories impacted in our energy system. These past fears and terrors are plugging up our energy system.

Why you Need a Soul Blockage Clearance

Energy work is a crucial step in the process of truly healing your soul. You may have tried many other modalities, and it has changed your perspective.

It may well be that you still have dramas in your life. This is usually because your soul blockages have not been cleared correctly. You are still attracting low vibrational energy in other people.

What has really happened is all your low vibrational negativity has just been pushed further down into your energy system rather than it being released. Once it is released, it can never do you any harm again.

Once soul healing has been done you not only change your perspective, but you also change your vibration. That means you attract people with a higher vibration and you don’t get caught up in other people’s dramas.

I have seen time and again in the feedback from people after soul clearance that they find that every aspect of their life improves. Once they have changed themselves, the people around them either change or drift away from them.

The Benefits of having a soul blockage clearance

Clearing the soul blockage opens up your heart center. You become more connected to your spiritual purpose. It’s a lot easier to manifest whatever you want because your thoughts are heart led.

Suddenly, you start to manifest from a place filled with pure unconditional love. Before your soul blockage clearance, you are attempting to manifest from a place of fear. What you are thinking about, you attract! So thinking from a place of fear can only bring more fear.

The soul can begin to heal. The process of clearing and reprogramming your DNA starts during the process of soul blockage clearing. The spiritual DNA is both reprogrammed and reactivated immediately.

Some people benefit from this instantly. In other people, it may take up to 2 or three months to get the full benefit. Most people will get an immediate benefit if not a complete one.
Some people start and finish their treatment with the soul blockage clearance. Nothing terrible or negative will happen to you if you don’t have further energy treatment. Although some people benefit from additional treatments to clear the negativity in past lives.
Incredibly your new upbeat, positive personality after a soul blockage clearance will allow you to reprogram pathways in your brain. You will find it harder to lose your temper and get really angry with those around you for no reason.

Soul Blockage Clearance Can Help You stop Starting A Fight In An Empty Room

You will love the new compassionate you. It will be easier for you not to be judgemental. Decision making is easier because you will not be fighting inner demons. It won’t seem as though you have a Jsplit personality.

You can start to see the wood from the trees. Your soul’s purpose becomes more apparent to because it’s not obscured by negativity. You become more authentic . Many people find once the heart center has opened it’s so much easier to manifest whatever it is you want.
The law of attraction does not work as a result of thought processes, it works as a result of feelings. When your whole life flows more easily it so much easier for the universe to give you what it is you need.

Suddenly, you will become filled with joy and peace, and you will begin to return to the person you were meant to be. You are more connected to your spirit guides so you can grow with their guidance. This is so much better than groping around in the dark hoping against hope that everything will work out all right.
After a soul clearance, your soul is not tied to a cycle of reincarnation on a limited third-dimensional planet. After death, it will be easy for you to negotiate your path back to source, the source of infinite wisdom and compassion love.
Clearing the soul blockage makes it easier to complete the ascension process after death. Once your vibration has been raised, you can become a limitless being of love and light. Working from the heart will ensure you do everything with love, compassion, and empathy.

The work that I do with my guides using CHEH or cosmic our energy healing goes deep within your energy system to permanently lift the negativity that has been holding you back.